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Royal Osha Reinvents Classic Thai Elegance

Royal Osha Reinvents Classic Thai Elegance

Bangkok, Thailand, March 31, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / In celebration of the up and coming summer months, Royal Osha luxury Thai fine dining and Michelin recommended restaurant – a venue to wine and dine very special people in your life as well as for auspicious occasions and dates – is introducing the popular Khao Chae and Khao Yum to its menu.

To offer the most luxury fine-dining experience, Royal Osha has sourced only the finest products and ingredients from around the world and the freshest, home-grown culinary ‘treasures’ from all over Thailand.  And to reflect the cultural diversities of Thailand, popular local and seasonal dishes from the four regions of the country, central Thailand, the north, Esaan and the south, have been carefully selected and added to both the a la carte and set menu under the concept “Classic Thai Elegance Reinvented,” where traditional Thai taste meets international standard under the capable hands of Chef Vichit Mukura, recipient of a Michelin Star in 2020.

To welcome the summer season and the auspicious Thai New Year, Royal Osha and executive chef and partner Chef Vichit Mukura are proud to present Royal Osha’s own version of the traditional Khao Chae and Khao Yum.  The intricate and traditional recipes have been carefully interpreted by Chef Vichit to include only the premium ingredients and to please the most discerning palates without compromising the authenticity and integrities of the original recipes.

“Our mission is to introduce a new experience and angle to traditional Thai food for both Thais and visitors to Thailand,” says Suphapitch Pitayanukul, managing director of Royal Osha.  “Here at our restaurant, traditional Thai food is treated and interpreted with utmost respect every step of the way. Thai culture and Thai ways of life are presented through Thai food.”  In hope of introducing Thai fine-dining cuisine to the the rest of the world, Royal Osha is also planning to open a new restaurant in New York and in London.

“Each and every single one of the dishes on our menu is special, “ says Khun Supapitch.  “Each and every one has been created with the most passion and care by Gavalin Pitayanukul, chef for research and development, and by Chef Vichit Mukura, who received a Michelin Star in 2020, to ensure that every aspect of the fine-dining experience is achieved.” As the result, Royal Osha has been winner of numerous Best Restaurant awards from culinary platforms all over the world.

To create the ambience that reflects the art and culture of Thailand, dinner guests are greeted the moment they enter the restaurant by a large visual of a scene from the epic Ramayana in which Hanumarn is swallowing Rama’s abode to shield him from his abductor.  The entire restaurant is inspired by the opulence of a traditional Thai palace where the dark interior is constantly juxtaposed with the contrasting splashes of gold.  The traditional mural art of Ramayana makes another appearance on the mezzanine level from where the oversize gold bejeweled chandelier, replica of the head dress worn by traditional Thai dancers, is hung over the main staircase.  The restaurant’s signature chandelier, traditional Thai in conception and Western in execution, provides a stunning contrast to the curves of the modern furniture and the 3D mapping technology behind the moving art displayed atop the ceiling of the restaurant.

“All is to contribute to an impressive and unforgettable dining experience,” says Suphapitch.  “Befitting a special occasion or celebration with special loved ones.”

“Traditional Thai food should be made up of seven flavors in one bite,” Gavalin Pitayanukul, chef for research and developments, points out.  “Sweet, sour, salty, and fatty. The other tastes, bitter, harsh and astringent come from the vegetables and herbs used in Thai cooking, all of which have many medicinal qualities and are very beneficial to one’s health.”

The  medicinal properties of the vegetables and herbs in Thai food often appear in dishes such as Tom Yum. The galangal roots and lemongrass found in Tom Yum are believed to help with stomach gas and to improve the appetite.”

“The major difference between the food at the Royal Osha and at other premium restaurants,” says Gavalin, “is in its preparation. Royal Osha’s in-house Michelin chef is particular about every step of the food-making process. We want Royal Osha to be the restaurant of choice.  When people want to celebrate important occasions in their lives, we want them to think first of Royal Osha.”

“It is very important to us that we get our produce from the best local sources all over Thailand,” she continues. “We also source specialities from each part of the country so that our guests get to taste all of the best local dishes that come from different parts of Thailand.  The a la carte and set menu are seasonal and reflect each of the three seasons in Thailand.  Under the concept “Medicinal foods,”Thai vegetables and herbs with medicinal properties are found in the seasonal set menus to promote inner health and wellness.”

“When you eat, you should go for food that has the balance between bitter, sour and bland tastes to keep your body cool,” says Chef Vichit Mukura, Michelin chef and executive chef and partner of Royal Osha.  The recipes for Royal Osha’s Khao Chae and Khao Yum which have been passed from one generation of chefs to another pay a particular attention when it comes to the selection of raw ingredients. This is how the original taste, presentation and fragrance level are maintained. Only the best jasmine rice is used, polished and cooked to the right consistency.  The accompanying water has to be 8.8 PH in quality as it is the best for the body and has the best reactions with the four fragranced flowers, chomanad, ylang ylang, roses and jasmine used in Khao Chae.  Khao Chae is traditionally served with seven accompanying side dishes.  “Loog Kapi Tod” (fried shrimp paste balls), Prik Yuak Sod Sai (stuffed Asian peppers, “Moo Foy” (shredded sweet pork), “Hom Dang Sod Sai” (stuffed red onions), “Hua Chai Po Pad” (sweet shredded daikon), and intricately carved fresh vegetables that include “Kachai”, Mango, and cucumber.  The chef recommends that “kachai” should be consumed alongside “kapi balls” while mango and cucumber should go with everything else.

“Loog Kapi Tod” is made up of farmed catfish which has been cooked over charcoal, filleted and mixed with different types of herbs.  The mixture is then shaped into tiny balls, dipped in eggs and deep fried until golden in color.

Khao Yum is indigenous to the south of Thailand.  The dish is unique in its combination of many different herbs such as  . . . Which have the . . . . Properties for the body.  The crowning glory of Khao Yum is its dressing which ties all the diverse ingredients together to perfection.

With forty years’ experience of being a chef both in Thailand and abroad, Chef Vichit has taken on the created the challenge of creating the type of Thai menu that shows the rest of the world that Thai food is far from being exclusively street food, but food fraught with tradition, culture and old customs. Once combined with the most carefully-sourced raw material from all over the world, traditional Thai food is undoubtedly among the best in the world.

Please join us in experiencing Royal Osha’s very own Khao Chae Chao Wang and Khao Yum at Royal Osha, Soi Ruam Rudee, Wireless Road everyday from today to 31 May 2021. Lunch 11.00 – 15.00. Dinner 18.00 – 23.00. Bht 880++ per person for lunch and Bht 3,000++ premium set per person.  Take-out Khao Chae in special gift boxes are available at Bht 2,250 per box at 48 hours notice.